Create private cash games and tournaments (desktop software)

Home Games allow you to create and manage your own private poker games. They give you the ability to generate a Poker Club and run a wide variety of tournaments and cash games at different stakes, in both Play Money and real money formats.

To create a new cash game, open your Club lobby and select:

  1. 'Manage Games'
  2. 'Manage Tables'
  3. 'Create a Table...'

You can customize your Club Table and change the game type, limit, players per table, and currency.

To set up a private tournament, select:

  1. 'Manage Games'
  2. 'Manage Tournaments'
  3. 'Create a Tournament...'

When the 'Create a Poker Club Tournament' window pops-up, a number of customizable options will appear, allowing you to personalize the event to your liking. For example, give your tournaments a tailored name (the fancier the better) or other notes, and they will display in the tournament lobby upon creation.

Important: creating games is not available on mobile at the moment, so you will need to use the desktop software to do so.


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